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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Yes, I do draw from time to time. Here are a few rare Paul Lasaine layout drawings done for a film at Dreamworks that'll probably never grace the silver screen. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to show them, but's been more than 5 years for crying out loud. There's gotta be some kind of statute of limitations for this kind of thing.

They're mostly black Sharpie on white paper. I used several pens in various stages of life. Some were very dry. I drew the facade in the first and last drawings separately, then composited it into the final drawings in Photoshop.


stathis said...

Hi Paul
I wonder, could you be so kind as to describe for me the process you go through to create such wonderful work? Do you use visual references? If so, what kind? I'd appreciate any input really because I'm trying to illustrate already written stories and I need all the help I can get. Thanx in advance

Leighton Hickman said...

Great drawings! I can’t imagine a more unforgiving medium then black sharpie and yet these are exquisite! I love seeing how great painters draw, it’s like getting a behind-the-scenes look at their brush-stroke technique. I’m already looking forward to the next one.

Ben Mauro said...

what Leighton said.

was their any block-in with pencil? or just straight up sharpie?

AlexTuis said...

I do not really understand if it is graphit or marker. Any way it is a great work and full of a lot of details to understand how to make great grey and solid black lines to create cool concept art/

Thanks for sharing.
We should have more right on our creation to do not be in some difficulties to show them 5 years after!

Daniel said...

Whoa! Amazing work!

I wonder did you use much reference material for these images or just draw them straight out of your head? Would be very helpful to learn about your creative process.


Louis-Philippe said...

Woah… Amazing control.
It's BLACK SHARPIE for heaven's sake!


SEILER said...

Paul, I'm officially going to call you Paul Insane from now on . . . these are amazing, I'm so inspired by your work . . . . just awesome, thanks for sharing these!

Rob Bredow said...

Very very nice Paul.

Marc said...

Beautiful! The Sharpie strokes add a nice gritty, textural quality. So were you using Sharpies specifically to get that effect, or because plain ol' markers were just too easy?

Shuku said...


Now let me pick my jaw off the floor, very calmly, pretend I meant to do that, and sit and goggle like Humpty Dumpty watching a poached egg swirling in the water. These are magnificent. Sharpies, good lord, and you got those fabric folds in the big top so beautifully. I mean...well ok, yeah, there's insane too, but insane in a fantastic, 'This will haunt me in my sleep' way.

This will haunt me in my sleep...

Joe Kresoja said...

Paul, I think I know what movie this was suppose to be. Not sure but I've seen some of Ron Lukas's illustrations for this one. Great stuff.

Alan Cook said...

Beautiful stuff! Even more stunning considering the technique.

Paul Lasaine said...

Lot's of questions about this post. I didn't expect that. Thanks:)

Q: was their any block-in with pencil? or just straight up sharpie?

A: Yes a very rough block in with pencil. For the third one, called Circus Grounds #1, I did a pretty worked out perspective drawing first.

Q: Reference Materials?

A: Yes, I usually use reference, though in this case, not for composition. I had lots of circus tent and cart reference.

Q: Graphite or Marker?

A: Mostly sharpie, which are a very black markers when they’re new. As they dry out and die, however, they start to become more and more transparent, so it’s possible to create grays. I remember asking everyone in the DreamWorks art department if I could have their dried out Sharpies. I ended up with a series of several pens, all in different stages of death. The result was a full range of tone.

The fa├žade of the main tent I drew digitally in an attempt to emulate the style of the Sharpie. I don’t think it matches the Sharpie look; it looks more like graphite to me...which I was happy about, because I’d been searching for a “graphite” technique in Photoshop for years.

Q: So were you using Sharpies specifically to get that [gritty] effect, or because plain ol' markers were just too easy?

A: Yes, I liked the textural look of the Sharpies on paper...they looked and behaved a lot like graphite. Also I liked the color. They’re neither cool, nor warm. Again similar to graphite. Also, I didn’t have a set of “plain ol’ markers” available. But even so, I didn’t want the slick cleanness of regular markers.

Yes, Ron Lukas did some paintings after I had already left DW.

JeN said...

Wow Paul. These are really stunning. I had a lot of fun drooling over your Surf's Up paintings too. I don't think I've ever been so captivated by one blog. I remember a while back seeing your paintings at the LOTR exhibit and I had the same feeling then. Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing.

paac said...

Paul, you are simply amazing. Fantastic work here. Good job!

AlexTuis said...

Many thanks for the answers!
it is incredible to work with so dead markers..I though it was this, but except if you are in a studio, you can not make a so big collection!
Thanks again, and waiting for the next demential show!

Patrick Dizon said...

Hi, Paul! I'm a long-time lurker of your blog, and I'm just amazed with your diversity when it comes to your use of different mediums!

I just have a question regarding the perspective work in the 3rd circus image. What should one be wary of when drawing objects that each have different VPs in an image? How would you make it look "right"?



jeremy melton said...

Impeccable and outstanding work. I have linked you ...i hope you dont mind. Cheers!

RoB said...

AMAZING!!! What inspiration!!! Great Blog!!!


Roger Adams said...

These are so just so awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Toyebot said...

a tear rolled down my cheek. thank you.

Marc Deering said...

You did all that with pens and sharpies?????!!
I think I hate you.

Jason Montoya said...

Great work, makes me interested in what the story concept is.

C.Deboda said...

Wow! Very impressive drawings.

DARAF said...

...And the Sharpie art Grand master Award goes to... Paul Lasaine. These are beautiful. great layouts as well as rendering.

Nathan Fowkes said...

Well, it's about time :)
These are so dogone solid and confident. Beautiful.

Gracia said...

Hi! AWESOME!! I love the effect of the different intensity strokes.. and the combination of digital composition with the pen technique gives it a very nice finish... OOOOOOHHHHH! I love them!! I love the result... the one with the caravans is soooo impressive as well... thanks for sharing!wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

wow...these are amazing. Sharpies??
I am speechless.


Armand Serrano said...

Fantastic, Paul! Thanks for showing these.

Jeff & Diana said...

I don't know. The artwork here is okay, but I like John Thornton better.

Paul Lasaine said...

Jeff and Diana,
Leave an e-mail address so we can discuss this:)

Jackson Sze said...

These are jaw droppingly awesome sir. Thanks for sharing!

Jeff & Diana said...

bajel said...

sooo great! i've loved your stuff since the first time i saw it in the Art of LOTR books. really amazing. and EXCELLENT use of dried up sharpies on these! i love dried sharpies. and those surfs up paintings too..and...and.. ok thanks for having a blog.

Jason Scheier said...

absolutely fantastic Paul!

Your work is awe inspiring. Thanks for all the feedback from your questions. Great stuff!

Pinflux said...

Wow - I just found your blog. Your work is amazing, and, your brush tutorial has actually changed my life :O

Thank you so so much! See you around :D


Marcelo Vignali said...

These are wonderful. I'm going to have to try that Sharpie technique.

Marcos Mateu said...

Paul, these are spectacular. The light is extremely convincing, so much that I can almost feel the color.

smoothatwork said...

I just found this blog after all this time admiring your work scattered in some art of... books and wondering why I didn't see it sooner. Thanks for sharing your work and tips. It's priceless! I will check this blog all the time from now on. I too work in the film biz as a concept & matte artist and those fur techniques using Photoshops brushes might just come in handy! thx! Was using photos for fur but I might just try the PS brushes now.

I was also wondering if it's possible to someday grace us with a video of you working on a piece digitally. I'm sure many like myself would love to see your process on a piece from concept to completion...and pay for it might I add. :)
Let us know if it's possible. Keep the beautiful work coming! Thanks for the inspiration and knowledge!

Kei Acedera said...

That's so clever! Truly stunning masterpieces, its so great of you to share this!

Bobby Chiu said...

Those are the best friggin sharpie renderings I've ever had the privilege of seeing. Outstanding!!

Jeff & Diana said...

I hope I wasn't out of line with that comment about Thornton. We have always loved your work!

Koldo Barroso said...

I am a big fan of the Circus days. These drawings are just amazing! You made me feel like being there as a kid.
I read a blog dedicated to Circus, they post old pictures every day, I thought you'd be interested:

Red Fox said...

Very useful, thanks man!

Owen Flanagan said...

These layouts are absolutely brilliant i love the composition on the fourth one.

amandalikes said...

amazing work, i want to do what you're doing!!

magikat said...


gousmanov vadim said...


megan Raghalligh said...

wow i really love these layouts they are my favourite.
id love to know you secret.

King M. Mugabi said...


rmsmi said...

Rediculous control. Thanks for posting your stuff.

briana said...

hey paul -
was just peeking at your blog and came across your circus drawings. they are AMAZING!!!!!!! i've fallen in love with them.

hope all is well by you!

:), briana

jean-luc SERRANO said...

Hi Paul!
I remember those drawings and your fabulous stories about flying over New Zealand for location seek on LOR. It was nice working with you.
Jean-Luc Serrano from the Wanderer tiny team!

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Eunice said...

Briliiant works! :) I can't wait to see more!