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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday Morning Sketch

Here's a quick sketch I did in Painter yesterday morning while I was waiting for my family to wake up. Painter's insanely overcomplicated, but there's a few things about it that I love - like their "Oil" brushes. Not the new ones from version 10, which are clunky...but the original ones. My favorites are the brushes called "Smeary Round" and "Smeary Flat". What's cool about them is that they can apply color and smear color in the same stroke. No changing tools. Something Photoshop can't least not yet (hint, hint Adobe...).


Paul said...

Hey Paul, works fine on the PC for me. Drop me an email and we can compare notes (


capprotti said...

Hey Paul, I ran into the same VERY frustrating problem not that long ago. I found the solution was to uninstall your Wacom drivers/software completely. I went to wacom's website, redownloaded the software, reinstalled it, rebooted and thank GOD I had my painter back. Give it a shot, I really hope it works for ya. I know how frustrating it can be.

Good luck,

thefilminator said...

If you go into the Brush Creator, select Stroke Designer, and then select angle. There will be a few slider adjustments and a drop down selection labeled Expression under Angle. In the drop down for Expression you can select Tilt to activate that function you want I believe. If that doesn't work then I would say that it is a tablet driver problem and you should try an update or reinstall.

Also, if you have the 6D Art Pen then you can select rotation from the menu and the brushes will work like actual brushes as it supports not just tilt sensitivity but rotation as well.

Marco Bucci said...

Outstanding work as usual. I'm so happy to be finding updates here more often! I can't help you with painter, unfortunately, but there is a poor-man's version of that 'smeary' brush you're describing in photoshop. It's the smudge tool, BUT check on the 'finger painting' box, and set it to 80-100%. I really enjoy blocking in compositions with just that.

Marc Hudgins said...

I can't help you with Painter, but I was wondering if you have tried ArtRage (it's free or $20.00 for the full version). It is extremey stripped down but offers a great Oil brush that behaves much the way Painters does, but even a little better if you ask me because as you smear, the brush gets dirty (or not depending on your settings) it's extremely natural IMO.

Paul Lasaine said...

Hi gang thanks for the help.
Yeah, I know about the settings in the brush creator. For some reason, even if tilt or bearing or whatever is turned on in the Brush Creator, it still doesn't work. Same for the 6D pen.

I'm putting my money on reinstalling the Wacom driver. Hopefully our tech guys will agree.

Yes, Art Rage is pretty cool. Especially for $20! :)

I just used it on a painting for the first time the other day, and it was really fun. And you're right, the oil brush behaves a lot like the one in Painter. My only complaint is I like to use flat brushes, and the only shape in Art Rage is a pointed round.

Yeah...the poor man's version of oil paint in PS is the smudge tool. What's so cool in Painter (and Art Rage) is that you don't have to change tools to get the effect. It's all in one. Paint and smudge in the same stroke. In fact, you can set it up so high pen pressure applies color, but low pressure smears. Very cool!

Carlos Ranna said...

I was going to suggest ArtRage too. It´s now my favorite software, and i´m almost painting only with it. But i agree with you about the lack of the flat brush...

lbeefus said...

Hi Paul,

This is almost certainly the Wacom driver. Some older versions had a lot of trouble, and after certain amounts of time, would stop reporting pressure sensitivity, tilt, etc.

The newest drivers work better: to be certain the old ones get replaced, uninstall the wacom drivers, reboot, install the newest drivers.

SEILER said...

Wonderful work . . . !

Anonymous said...

Just a big thanks for doin' what you do and share.
Your art is awe-inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Just a big thanks for doin' what you do and share.
Your art is awe-inspiring.

Paul Lasaine said...

Thanks for the Painter suggestions gang.

We installed the new Wacom driver this morning...and Presto! It works!

Case closed.


J. E. Morris said...

All your work is lovely - I really enjoy your posts. (Glad to see your Wacom is behaving itself.)

Tara Rueping said...

Your art is always so inspiring. You’ve been such an influence on my own art. Thanks for posting your art. -Tara

capprotti said...

Great paul that's damn good news! Now we can continue to see sick sketches like this :-D

pointpusher said...


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Superb work !!

Marcelo Vignali said...

Ooh, this looks beeuuteeful!

lanfeng3d said...

beautiful color!

Francesco Malin said...

I love your works! I have the art book of Surf'up...absoluty splendid!! bye

Enrique Fernandez said...

I´m really glad of having the chance to tell you how much inspiring is your work. Since The Prince of Egypt I´m a fan of your painting style.
Pure envy! :)

Ben Mauro said...

Nice one paul!

Alina Chau said...

Stunning! Beautiful!!

Max Ostap said...

A friend of mine showed me your blog yesterday, and i've been looking through it for hours.

I am floored. I am having the same experience as i had when i was looking at craig mullins work in 1999.

enb said...

that is a pretty landscape.
thanks for keeping up on posting

victoriaying said...

awesome light!

littlepinkpebble said...


Tel Coelho said...

your work is wnderful!!!!
I really like this!!!!

Arthur Mirzoyan said...

Fantastic work!

Sergio Martinez- said...

You are a great finding for me.
You make me feel alive
in every one of your pictures!

Fabia said...

Heythere Paul!

I just explored your website (well, the www is getting deeper every day, so it is quite by chance that I found that page!)
And I am asking myself: Why didn`t I find it earlier?

Thank you for sharing that beautiful work, I am absolutely ... wow! That`s inspiring me ("Now go an draw!", like you wrote..."YES, Sir!, yes!")

I am goin to visit your page now more often. Thanks again, and greetings from hamburg!


rob said...


Check this out.

congratulations to your success. I knew you'd be great.

Rob Yamamoto

Paul Lasaine said...

Wow Rob,

Great to hear from you! Thanks for the trip down memory lane with the Dick Tracy Pictures!!!! I don't have any pics from that period.

I would love to say hi, but I have no return contact info for you, so if you see this, leave another comment and include your e-mail address. Don't worry, I moderate all comments before they're published, so your address won't go up.

Thanks again,