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Monday, December 31, 2007

Holiday Card


jeremy melton said...

Beautiful work. Excellent job!!

Erik D. Martin said...

OOoh nice one!

Happy Holidays to you!

Tom Scholes said...

Happy New Year!

Not sure if you have seen this yet;

Bobby Chiu said...

Happy New Year Paul!

Bojana said...

Hi Paul:)

Thanks for the replies! I'm still amazed by the way you painted Cody, but I'll get used to it:)

All the best wishes for 2008!

Will stay tuned to your blog...

David Nethery said...

Hi, Paul,

I just now found your blog (via Michael Sporn's) and I am so glad I did . Wonderful art from "Surf's Up" !
Thanks for posting all that work .

I too felt that "Surf's Up" was unjustly overlooked at the box-office. I don't know if it was the advertising campaign just didn't connect with the audience or the perception of "what ? another penguin movie?" hurt it , or whatever ... had to be heartbreaking for you guys to watch it go down at the box-office, but you did something with real integrity and I think you pushed the CG medium.

It was a really good movie and I can only hope that like other films such as Iron Giant , Emperor's New Groove, etc. that it finds a second life and a solid fan base on DVD.

Shuku said...

Paul! Happy New Year and yes, your family -should- take precedence during this time. :) I love the card, by the way. The pine trees, berries and snow drops remind me of Japanese paintings. That would make a -super- kimono design, incidentally - would you mind if I attempt to turn it into one for a hypothetical character for practice?

Posting later about Today's Madness!

Matias Hyde said...

Happy New Year! What an excellent blog, the keys for the Tank's Challenge sequence are outstanding!
Cheers from Madrid!

Marco Bucci said...

Can't wait to see what you put on this blog this year, Paul. I was pimping your work to some fellow guys here in the studio I'm at. And be prepared to become addicted to sketching with the DS.

SEILER said...

Happy New Year Paul, your work inspires many, wonderful stuff!

Gracia said...

Beautiful!! as always!! the graphic-japanese look and the colors are soooo nice!! I love it! I also love the concepts and artwork you did for surf's up! I'm a fan! :-) very very inspiring!!thankyou and congrats! HAPPY NEW YEAR !

joker said...

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Tolomuco said...

This one rememberme of Eyvind Earle... nice great work

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