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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Death Valley Sketch

I finally found a couple of my paintings from the Prince of Egypt Background Department painting trip to Death Valley. Here's the best one...

We were painting in the middle of a large patch of sand dunes, when the wind started blowing. It whipped up the sand into a mini sandstorm. The sand went everywhere and got into everything...including our paint. If you run your hand across it, the painting feels like sandpaper. It finally got so bad that we all ended up wearing out sweatshirts around our faces to keep the sand out of our eyes. We looked like Bedouins.


TheDanwich said...

Gorgeous! Big fan of your work, there are a bunch of your matte paintings on a computer at Columbia College Chicago, they blew me away.

Keep posting work, it's inspiring!

Jeremy Elder said...

Ahh... I've carried loads of camera equipment over those dunes - torture!

It is so beautiful though - nice sketch!

jean-luc SERRANO said...

Hello Monsieur:

Sweet memories to my eyes.
Not only because POE was an amazing experience for that little french artist who came to California to work on that movie, but also because Death Valley was probably my first and most awesome experience of the desert.
(Sahara is great too...)

Vikram said...

Fantastic.....I can feel the sand on it.

Jason Scheier said...


What an amazing story and sketch! :) Love the subtle shadow transitions and composition. :)

Thanks for always inspiring.


A. Riabovitchev said...

Beautiful painting!:o)

Marcelo Vignali said...

Someone has got to have a picture of your guys painting!

Great job here Paul.

Griselda Sastrawinata said...

It's breathtakingly beautiful.

Peter said...

Funny that you mention it. I have been there just a few weeks ago and it is an amazing place. The light of course is very different from Egypt. I will never forget the first time I saw you color-keys in the Prince of Egypt book on top of each page. I learned so much...
thnx 4 sharing, Peter

Gracia said...

beautiful in that amazing loose style! I love it! :)