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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Wreck of the Albatross

This is an illustration from a personal project I'm developing.'s a secret. If you recognize the BG, give yourself a pat on the have good eyes. Yes, I "borrowed" it from one of my Surf's Up paintings. Hey, I designed the original...I can steal from myself if I want!


Jason Scheier said...

beautiful light and composition. :)

Anonymous said...

A personal project...!!!! my heart just skipped a beat. Have you written a story?

Stathis Petropoulos said...

paint or digital? awesome layout!

Paul Lasaine said...

Paint or Digital?
I'll take that as a complement. It's digital.

Sam said...

This is amazing!! I love the composition, and how the light leads to the ship.

Amanieu Rebu said...

I was exactly thinking about the wonderful concepts you did for Surf's up, i tooked the artbook to analyse again! i love the cube-shaped style of the environments! lovely illustration.

Manoj a menon said...

wow paul...
exciting stuff,..
can you pls give me some tips on matte painting?

the one you have in the other blog...the city scape..

whats the trick behind a successful ( your) it about blurring your eye and seeing the photogrphic effect...
pls advice..

and will you pls post a demo of yours ( matte painting) in your blog or youtube..

manoj.( hope you do remember me)

Anonymous said...

Hahaaaa... you're funny.

Can't wait too see more.

Andrew Kim said...

Wow, Paul,

Been a long time fan of your work and this one is just amazing. Very simple, graphic, yet so narrative.
Just awesome, awesome work!!

Gracia said...

your self-stealing is completely justified! haha!
so simple yet so great !

Gary Clemenceau said...

Hey, Paul. What did you do that in? And you said in a post a while ago that Painter X's oil brushes were clunky, so what version are you using?

Thanks for showing us the work!

Best regards,

-Gary Clemenceau

Paul Lasaine said...

Yeah, I think the new Painter 10-11 oil brushes are cool and do lots of stuff, but in grand Painter fashion, they over complicated it.

I did this painting in Painter 8..which is basically Painter 7.

patio said...

i love how the angle of the light and the sail line up, very smart.

Marcos Mateu said...

Kickin' butt!

Andrea Pucci said... usual! Great Paul!