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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Puss In Boots

Finally...some stuff I can show!
Way back in 2008, I worked for a few months helping to develop Puss In Boots. Here's a couple character concept paintings I did.

Credit for the design of this character, goes to a lot of people. This early version was designed by Patrick Mate, Sylvain Deboissy, Takao Noguchi, and myself. At that point, we were going for a much more dynamic look for her. Stark black and white; clean lines; smooth, shiny fur...the cat version of Emma Peel. It was important that she had a very different look from that of Puss. We didn't want her to look like we cheaped out and just used the model for Puss with a different color scheme.

Funny note about this painting: It was leaked a year and a half ago by someone at DreamWorks (not sure if it was leaked or "released") as a sneak peak at Puss's new counterpart, and it ended up all over the net. Ha, ha!

Humpty was designed by Character Designer, Patrick Mate. I did this painting over an early model done by Modeling Supervisor, Tony Williams.

Sometimes, I'll bring these kinds of paintings to an extremely high level of finish and detail. This was done as a design for the finished look of the textures for this character, and I didn't want there to be ANY questions as to what it should look like. Yes, there's some photo collage.