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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Open Season

(Don't worry...there's more LOTR on the way.)

In spring of 2003 I began working at the just opened, Sony Pictures Animation studio. Our first film was Open Season. Though I didn't work on the film long, I did do some early Vis Dev. You'll notice a few of the pieces are very reminiscent of the work of Sleeping Beauty designer, Eyvind Earle. The Directors were very interested in seeing if it would be possible to emulate his style in 3D. Fortunately, as the film matured, the style took on a life of it's own. These early paintings are pretty obvious Eivand Earle rip offs...but I still like them:)

(Oh, and with the exception of the drawings, these are all digital.)

I tend to concentrate on designing in color. But from time to time, I'll actually pull out a pencil and draw. Here are a few rare Paul Lasaine drawings.

After sculptures by Raffaello Vecchione
Character Designs by Carter Goodrich

After a sketch by Carter Goodrich.


Alan Cook said...

Awesome stuff!

Thank you so much for posting these...very inspirational stuff.

I really like the Eyvind Earle-styled stuff!

Bill Robinson said...

So THAT's how they made Open Season so pretty...they just hired you to work on it. But seriously, those Eyvind Earle inspired pieces are crazy good. Thanks for posting!

laurent beauvallet said...

Paul, I have only discovered your blog a complete half-an-hour ago. Loved the halloween house!
Thanksalot for the gorgeous inspirational paintings.

A. Riabovitchev said...

Paul you are Monster!
I especially like how you made hair.:o)

Sebastian Barreiro said...

i can´t belive it!! How do you do all this?? Is amazing !! Your work is incredible! Seeing artists as you, each day i feel a litlle bug, more and more each day!!!!

Marco Bucci said...

Well, it looks like we have to invent a word that's better than "awesome" to use for this blog. This stuff is an absolute pleasure to see!

peter said...

would be great to see a tutorial from you some day. beautiful work. thanks for sharing.

Mark McDonnell said...

Beautiful Paul. I really really love the Earyle take with the trailer under the trees. LOVE IT!!!



shahen said...

Very nice work !!

Erik D. Martin said...

Hi Paul!

yes I am filthy art center student sadly hah. wows these are great! You're stuff from open season is awesome! I'm actually taking a class with Will Weston and Mike Humphreys-plenty of good stories from that movie haha.

Thomas von Kummant said...

it´s always so motivating to look at your work. maybe - later on - you will find the time to do paintings for an "the art of paul lasaine"-book. i really hope so. for the moment, i want to send you all my respect.

all the best

Doug Williams said...

You are soooooo good. I really love this Open Season work. The tree's in the artbook were one of my favorite things in there. That's a horrible sentence, but you get the idea. Thanks for posting so much! I know it can get tough being busy and all. I truly appreciate it.

Nathan Fowkes said...

Top notch as always.

Bobby Chiu said...

From LOTR to Open Season. Dang you have so much versatility!

Can I make a request to see some Surf's Up as well? :)

Paul Lasaine said...

Yes...Surf's Up stuff is on it's way.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Never seen the film but your work here for it is amazing !!

David Colman said...

I remembr these...honored to have worked w/you

megan Raghalligh said...

wow these are amazing i would love to know how to be able to use photo shop that well. im still learning im my own time.

Sir Richard Wentworth said...

that airstream is fantastic!!!

(yes, it warranted three exclamation points)

13ri said...

I WANT TO HANG YOUR Mountain portrait from open season in my living room!