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Monday, November 19, 2007

Surf's Up - post #4

Pen-gu Island Beaches

What's a surfing movie without beaches? We painted lots of beaches.
Design credit for the beaches goes to Art Director, Marcelo Vignali, and Chief Location Designer, Armand Serrano, without whom this film would not have existed. OK, it would have just wouldn't have looked as good.

Layout: Marcelo Vignali

This one was used for the billboard adds. There were characters in front of it.

Here are some color keys I did for the sequence where Cody arrives at the island. Again, compositions for these and all the color keys came from the Layout Department headed up by James Williams.


Marc said...

These are stunning!

Dibumac said...

I'm really surprised by the similarity of the color studies and the final renders in the movie. You all did a great job !

And you are right, Surf's Up deserved more at the box office. But, just renember how bad Iron Giant did.

Or, more recently, one wonders how can Shreck 3 almost double Ratatouille figures.... People are crazy !

Yhanks for posting these beautiful works !

Shelly Wan said...

Amazingly informative and a feast for my eyes~~ ^_^
Yeah, look to Iron Giant~ or Pan's labryinth. Not all great movies make money and not all movies that make money are great or even good. it's really too bad Surf's Up didn't make much, i LOVE the art books Sony puts out~ So much fun to look at!
I am sure whatever you are working on now is Amazing and will probably sing at the box office~ :)