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Monday, November 19, 2007

Surf's Up - post #5

The Waves

Certainly the most memorable images in this film are the waves. When we started, there was a question as to whether or not the kind of waves we knew we were going to need were even possible to create in CG. A highly realistic, start to finish, CG animated wave, that wasn't a cheat, had never been done before in least not to the level we needed. It's was kind of a Holy Grail of CG. A whole slew of folks were behind getting them up on screen. From the work that Todd Pilger and his 3D Vis Dev team did early on, to the staggering work in the final film done by the Imageworks team lead by Rob Bredow, these waves went way beyond anything we hoped we could achieve.

Check out this article on AWN for more on creating the waves.

Our job in the Art Department was to determine what the wave should look like. We did dozens of paintings of waves in all kinds of lighting and weather conditions, and from every conceivable angle. Here are a bunch of them.

Layout: Marcelo Vignali

These last three are based on photos I found on line. Don't know who the original photographers were.


Marc said...

These are great. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for posting so many paintings. I love the jagged rocks looming out of the mist.

Mark McDonnell said...

GLUP!!!! These are unbelievably incredible!!! Great lighting, stageing, and all things encompassing . . . can I call you Yodasaine???


Bobby Chiu said...

Jeez these are beautiful! I love all of them but my favorite is the study of the penguin swimming up to the the surface.

juan garcĂ­a said...

That was incredible!

YAXIN said...

What else than terrific work can I say ?

Marco Bucci said...

absolutely great. Your brushstrokes are incredibly expressive, particularly when depicting the ocean spray, and direction of water in these paintings.

Hethe Srodawa said...

Man, epic water effects. You paint so well and so simply in some ways it baffles my mind.

Jelter said...

these paintings are amazing great work!

Dominus said...

those were done in Painter or Photoshop?

anyhow, AMAZING work! please post more lord of the rings if you can :)

Paul Lasaine said...

Painter or Photoshop?


AlexTuis said...

Your work on the sky in the first picture is amazing! Love the effects!!

Brenoch Adams said...

I really dig the unlabored quality of your work. The Shapes and palette choices are really beautiful. Thanks for being liberal in your posting, both personal and work related. Inspiring work!

Kacey said...

Love these studies! You are a constant reminder of why I chose to pursue this career path. Can't wait to see more of your work.