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Monday, November 19, 2007

Surf's Up - post #6

Poster Concept and Video Game Cover

I worked on 35 posters in all for Surf's Up...including all the outdoor billboards, in-theater posters, and web-based ads. I wasn't a huge fan of the posters (they weren't my concepts or layouts, and I worked more as an illustrator on them), so I'm not going to show them here.

What I will show however, is my first concept for the poster. I knew marketing would never go for anything so graphic, but I had to get it out of my system. It still think it would have made a cool t-shirt.

The logo ended up became the official film logo...but with the colors reversed.

This is the cover of the Surf's Up video game, made by Ubisoft. This one is my concept and layout, and I would love to have seen it as the actual movie poster. Oh well.
(Oh, and I can't take credit for the basic rendering of the character; it's mostly CG.)


Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Paul, that first poster is way awesome!! I LOVE it! :D

By the way, lovely to see all your gorgeous color keys for the movie, really really charming images.
Well done man!!! Hope you're well ;)

take care!

AlexTuis said...

Finally you have a website!
I remember all these hours watching your wonderful studies and concepts for the LOTR movies, and I did not found anything on you!
And I was desesperate, really!
Now you are here!
Is there any ways to reach you?
Will you show us past works soon?
You are a too much unknown artist Mr Lasaine!
Wish you the best!
Alex Tuis!

AlexTuis said...

Sorry, I had a problem! I have just realize that there was a lot of old works here!!!
You are a source of inspiration!

I am doing monsters for some movies, but I had always love matte paintings and landscapes, and you are one of the most interesting artist on this part of the job.

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SHOo said...

AH! Just bought the art book, and the black and white poster is in! I love it!
Your work is amazing! Thanks a lot for being so talented, and sharing it!

Mark Castanon said...

I have no idea why this movie didnt do so well either!, I LOVED IT!!! Chicken Joe Bro!

Alexis said...

I like your black and white sketch for the poster. BTW, it's actually on the dev T-shirt of the Game that was done by Ubisoft.....

ice caps said...

wow, your work is great sir, the only problem is that i cant find the link "follow this blog"...i will visit your blog every time i have a chance. i really need all the help i can get coz im starting a really small graphics studio where me and my friends can work on our little projects.hope to find that link soon (im a novice at blogging) or ill just have to memorize you name or blog.haha.