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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Surf's Up - post #9

Shiverpool Seaquence Color Keys


Marcos Mateu said...

I'm specially impressed with the one lit by the 'tv studio lights'. That's a difficult one to pull out so convincingly.

Catherine said...

You are amazing. I'm pretty sure I've said something to that effect before. I will no doubt say something to that effect again. I love your moonlight, absolutely gorgeous colors.

SIM-R said...

That shot at the bottom is just so beautiful ....Love the water ripples and very subtle lighting/limited colour .

Fantastic stuff Paul .
Inspiring .

Marco Bucci said...

this is just madness. I have to see this film now!

Daniel said...

Hi Paul,

I think your artwork is really great. The 'Surf's Up' images you have posted have really inspired me.

I wonder, do you use a lot of reference material when working out how to create convincing lighting effects, like in these night time paintings, or are you at a stage where you can pretty much create them from your visual memory alone? I ask because I think you have a great ability to create light and atmosphere and I'm interested to know how you approach it.



Sergio Martinez- said...

What a beauty!
This is great! I never saw such a comfort on this part of our planet.
I will came again on your blog site, thanks for this splendid invitation!-Sergio

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