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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Shark Tale

This is an illustration I did as the "final look" design for the first animation test for Shark Tale. Other than this, and a couple of concept illustrations, I didn't really work on the film. My good friend Pierre-Olivier Vincent (aka: POV) did the layout for this one.



Marc Deering said...

LOVE the design work that went into this feature. You Armand and Sam did an amazing job!

Bill Robinson said...

Great colors, and I love the trash-can shaped coral in the corner. The El Dorado painting below is great as well.

Mark McDonnell said...

Nice change of pace. What a nice set of new rules for this world. Very bold color with very defined palette's.


Shuku said...

LICHEN TRAFFIC LIGHTS AND CORAL BALUSTRADES. How much neater can this GET other than those little polypy seaweed floating off the traffic light and the barnacle-like growths all over the houses?


Paul Lasaine said...

Thanks for the comments all! But I really can't take credit for any of the design on this film...I only did a couple of paintings, and this one was more like a "paint-by-numbers" than anything. And not to take anything away from Sam and Armand, because they did a hell of a job on the film and are good friends of mine, but when talking about the design of Shark Tale, you can't leave out POV (Pierre-Olivier Vincent). He was a huge component of the design. Unfortunately, BS studio politics kept him from getting an Art Director credit. But he got his due on Flushed Away...he won the Annie Award for production Design!!!