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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alien Project

It's been a while since I posted any professional work...mostly because I can't post work from films that haven't been released yet.

A few years back I did some early development work for a film I'll call it the "Alien Project". I worked on it for about a year, then I left the studio. Last I heard, they'd shelved the here's some of my work. Sorry, I can't divulge the story...just in case they decide to start back up again.

These utilize a cool mirror image technique developed by Scott Robertson. Check out his new book Alien Race, published by Design Studio Press. It's awesome!!! There are several examples of alien heads done using the same technique. Thanks Scott!


This one was inspired by a sketch by John Bevelheimer.





Architecture made out of giant seed pods (WTF???) (^-^)

Architecture made out of salvaged spaceship parts. (See "Crash Site" above.) Sorry, I can't explain the connection...but it was a story point.
The basic design for this was inspired by the early work of visionary architect, Lebbeus Woods.



Phong Nguyen said...

I've been waiting for an update my whole life. Now my wish has been fulfilled. And more! Some amazing, amazing work!

A. Riabovitchev said...

WoW!What a fantastic bunch of work!Brilliant post!:o)

artistaggie said...

Beautiful... I love the fourth alien's eyes! :-D

Arthur Mirzoyan said...

Super, just super!
Arthur Mirzoyan

elji said...

I love all your works, they are amazing. :)

C.Deboda said...

WELL worth the wait!

Richard Smitheman said...

Great work. Thanks for sharing.

Chris Ayers said...

Beautiful stuff! Sorry the project got shelved... :)

Hope you have enjoyed teaching this term!

leopardsnow said...


Martin W. said...

wow. amazing work, as usual.

Shuku said...

Paul, those aliens and the WTF seedpods just made my night. :) Fantastic, everything's just beautiful...

...and I LOVE that salvage architecture. It's exactly like an alien steampunk jewellery design waiting to happen!

So, so glad to see some more of this gorgeous stuff, I hope you're keeping well! (I keep saying I'm going to email you and Armand and Marcelo and Marcos, and I never quite get around to it before the next busy period kicks in, but I will before Christmas!)


Bobby Chiu said...

jeez that's an amazing group of paintings.


awesome bunch of paintings, i like the salvaged stuff / and crash site especially. great seeing the detailed breakdown on the photoshop brushes as well!

roy santua said...

Amazing Paul, beautiful pieces as usual.

Jeffrey Lai said...

love the salvage city
really interesting approach with the alien heads too!

Jason Pruett said...

sweet! I forgot about the mirror image technique - I'm gonna go do some of that. thanks

Edwin Rosell said...


Marcos Mateu said...

Beautiful stuff Paul.
I hope if they bring 'it' back up they will put these designs to good use. I still remember the first time I saw the 'blue tones concept' for the city. I couldn't have been more impressed.

Dilanka S said...

Madness! Too awesome Paul, Your blue city environment and salvage City..just beautiful.

Rustam F. Hasanov said...

Thanks for being so gracious about showing your work.
It's a great pleasure!

Jason Scheier said...

WHOA!! this is an incredible update Paul!! :D Thank you so much for posting.. Looks like Sci-Fiction fits you well!! -js

prashant said...

I love all your works, they are amazing
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Daniel said...

These are all so inspirational. The 'salvage city' painting has a sense of depth and light I can only aspire to.

Great stuff!

jason hazelroth said...

Wow, awesome alien designs!

Josh Kao said...


Manoj a menon said...

wow.. i used to like come here every day to cheeck out and then check out looking at the 'old victorian steam punk drill machine'.. then one day comes this point blank postings..

i got blew away..way too good paul..way too good

thanks for the mail and talking over to kim..
i really appreciate that..
so im on and i've got my blog on as well.
will be more than happy to have you onboard someday..
the salvaged art is spectacular..
the seed pod

i liked the crash site painting too..
everything in general..

paul pls post a video in youtube on how you do your stuff..


Mark Castanon said...

Wish I could take another class with you, this time nothin but paint'n!

Amanieu Rebu said...

It's lovely, fantastic designs!

Ben Mauro said...

These look familiar! :)

So we can FINALLY post the images from the project?

Karina Gazizova said...

amazing layouts!

P F. said...


milind said...

just supercooooool!feast for eyes today,so much enjoyed your latest updates... awesome alen designs and the concept art.

BAR said...

Paul great inspirational work. Hopefully I can be as good as you someday. Thanks for sharing and letting me learn from you.

You're a royal badass. The Alien GEAR IS SIIIIICCCCC.

Whitney Pollett said...

You finally posted these!! I hadn't seen the alien wreckage. It's phenomenal! Gorgeous stuff as always Paul. :)

Olive2d said...

Love your pod architecture!!!
Really really nice design.
Hope to see new works from you soon

mellowsmoothe said...

Hey stranger, good to see you post something new. Yeah I remember these from when we worked on this project. Great stuff. I hope things are well. I will have to email you soon.

Munchanka said...

Fantastic stuff! I love the twisted stacks. Your illustrations would make fun video game levels!

jilustra said...

Cara parabens você é um fenomeno da art!!

Lewis Wadsworth said...

What nice work! I recently found your salvage architecture images during a random search for something else entirely. As an architect, I immediately wondered if they had anything to do with Leb Woods. And of course, you confirm it here.

I'm starting to think that concept art really is at the top of the "design heap" these days. Artists such as yourself seem to be so much more imaginative, more talented and less constrained than the overrated drafts-people (aside from rarities such as Woods) that seem to populate my field.

Gracia said...

I love all of them!
specially the little alien that looks more for the children!
I can't believe you can produce work so fast !

SkyeMarieee said...

These are my favorite ones I've seen from you so far (:
I haven't talked to you in so long! How are you guys? How's Amelia?
I stumbled upon the card she sent me with her school picture when I moved to Washington.

Your work is amazing as usual (: